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UI Communication Week 2023 Winners Announced

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MCs Yolanda and Auryn lead the Awarding Day event of UI Communication Week 2023, Saturday (13/05/2023).

DEPOK – The winners of the UI Communication Week 2023 competition were officially announced at the event
awarding day
, Saturday (13/05/2023). Team Eunoia (Surabaya State University), Team Nyamuk Bucin (Petra Christian University), Team EAA (Padjajaran University), and Team Commup (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) won the highest points among the other teams in the round.
grand final
in the Journalight, Advertising War, Media Matters and PR Vaganza competition categories at UI Communication Week 2023.

The implementation of the
grand final
The UI Communication Week 2023 competition was held in Building H, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UI (FISIP UI) offline. This activity is a challenge for the finalists of the UI Communication Week 2023 competition. “P
until Depok, the revision must be completed
collected during the second stage. In fact, No can. We just finished it until the collection
H-1,” said Gesha from the Commup Team about the preparation process of the finalists from the Indonesian Education University in facing the
grand final
PR Vaganza category competition.

The difference in categories causes the things that are contested in the grand final round.
grand final
different. PR Vaganza itself carries a simulation

as the subject that was contested in the
grand final
. For the Commup Team, “we immediately try to prepare the simulation rehearsal
press conference,
even at the competition venue, we still try to practice,” added Gesha, the team leader, when describing his and the team’s struggle in UI Communication Week 2023, which was the first offline competition he participated in.

A similar hurdle was faced by Team Eunoia from the Journalight category.
Force majeure
made the team from Surabaya State University have to sacrifice a little of the preparation time for the grand final.
grand final
preparation time. “
We had a lot of constraints, so the time to do it was a bit tight,” said Kayla, a member of the Eunoia Team when interviewed. Different from PR Vaganza participants who did
press conference
, Journalight participants are required to perfect the production of a
news game
production in the second stage to be presented at the
grand final
news game
relies on devices to produce it.

Of the four winning teams in each category, besides the Commup Team, there was also the EAA Team from Media Matters, which was the first time participating in an offline communication science competition. In grand finalThe Media Matters finalists, including Team EAA, were emphasized to present their media research during the 2nd stage of the competition. “Our difficulty is that it is difficult to find the right time for discussion of research reports and presentations because of the busy schedules of each member,” said Mila, a member of the EAA team from Padjajaran University, “until there is (a time) where in a week we focus and somewhat get rid of activities with permission to organizations, committees, and UKM,” she added when asked about the solution decided by the EAA Team.

The finalists of the last category, Advertising War, also presented to the
grand final
. However, it was not a presentation of research results as in the Media Matters category, but a presentation of brand design creation (branding design). In this category, Team Nyamuk Bucin was the winner, beating the other two teams from the same university, Petra Christian University. Their preparation was as standard as the other teams with more presentation practice. However, there is one additional aspect, “we also think about the answers to questions that might come out from the judges,” explains Michelle, a member of the Bucin Mosquito Team, when interviewed about the preparations made for the round.
grand final
UI Communication Week 2023.

In general, the four winning teams were happy, grateful and did not expect to win the UI Communication Week 2023 competition. For them, UI Communication Week 2023 was a very exciting and special event thanks to the friendly committee members, as stated by Michelle and friends from the Bucin Mosquito Team. “The organizers were also very, very informative,” they replied enthusiastically. The other teams’ answers were much the same. “If I’m honest
we’ve never had
in other activities that we have participated in before,” said Kayla Jasmine. Michelle also added, “It’s unforgettable ,” she said about her impression during UI Communication Week 2023.

The winners of UI Communication Week 2023 in each category. Top left: Team Mosquito Bucin with Alesandro, General of the Advertising War category; top right: Team Commup with the judges; bottom left: Team EAA with Vita, Project Officer of UI Communication Week 2023; and bottom right: Team Eunoia with the judges. (Doc. Firyaal)

In addition, the winners also highlighted the realization of the national-level competition aspect of UI Communication Week 2023 itself. According to Mila from the EAA Team, “The formation of relationships between the committee and finalists from various regions (is one of the benefits we get),” she explained. This also made Aditya, the coordinator of the UI Communication Week 2023 competition, feel quite surprised. For him, the indicator of a national competition is the presence of regional and group diversity in its implementation. “We can now confidently say that we (UI Communication Week) are a national competition with very diverse participants from (all over) Indonesia. (The) universities vary in origin, region, province and even from many different islands.”

Based on information obtained from the committee, the implementation of the first offline UI Communication Week since the pandemic was quite as desired. Aditya said, “Overall, we have managed to make the program as proposed at the beginning even though it had to be done with some changes.” One of the indicators is the number of participants who register and participate in the UI Communication Week 2023 competition according to the target of 53 participants. According to him, although in the future the implementation of UI Communication Week needs to be improvised again, “We are quite okay with the results. We are quite happy with the level of diversity of participants which is actually beyond expectations and (especially) can invite finalist friends also to Depok,” he concluded.

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