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Living and Accommodation Expenses

Estimated Cost of Living

When calculating the living cost per month, it is important to understand the cost components that may be spent during your time as a student in Depok. One of the influential factors is lifestyle, tastes, and needs. As a result, it is difficult to predict the living cost applying for any individual. The expenditure figures presented on this page are general and be likely to vary from student to student. However, these estimates may help new students to determine the accommodation and expenditure plan during course at UI Campus.



Around the UI Depok Campus, there are a number of apartments with a price range of ± IDR 2,100,000 to ± IDR 3,700,000 per month.

Boarding House

Boarding rooms located around UI Depok Campus are rented ranges from ± IDR 1,000,000 to ± IDR 1,500,000 per month.

University of Indonesia’s (UI) Dorm

UI also provides dormitories located within UI Depok Campus complex. This dormitory is mainly meant for new students outside the Jabodetabek area.  The monthly rental price ranges from ± IDR200,000 – ± IDR500,000.

The following are several websites that can be used to search for accommodation:

Universitas Indonesia (UI) is not responsible for the content on other websites linked from this site. The inclusion of such links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed therein. UI has no control over the content and availability of these sites.

Food and Daily Needs

  • Buying some food outside is a slightly more expensive option. If you buy food at restaurant or cafe within or around the UI Campus, you must spend around IDR50,000 – IDR100,000. However, for a cheaper option, the students can buy food at campus canteens and food stalls around the campus environment. The price ranges from IDR20,000 – IDR35,000 for one meal.
  • The cost of weekly shopping for one person usually ranges from IDR200,000 – IDR300,000, depending on the needs of each individual. Within and around the UI Campus is a wide selection of minimarkets and supermarkets. Online app grocery ordering services have also penetrated the UI Campus area and its surroundings.


  • UI campus provides fitness and sports facilities. UI also has Felfest Faculty Club, which includes a variety of sports and recreational facilities, including a swimming pool and fitness center.
  • Students can visit shopping centers, museums, and cinemas outside the campus in Depok and its surrounding areas.


UI provides free of charge intracampus transportation facilities in the form of the Yellow Bus. This bus operates from Monday-Friday 07.00-22.00 WIB and 07.00-17.00 WIB for Saturday. The UI Yellow Bus has two routes:

Yellow Bus Route (Red)

Dormitory Stop – Gerbatama Stop – UI Station Stop — Faculty of Law Stop — UI Mosque Stop — Pocin Stop — FIK Stop – FMIPA Stop — Poltek Stop — Faculty of Engineering Stop — FEB Stop – FIB Stop – FISIP Stop – Up back to dorm

Yellow Bus Route (Blue)

Dormitory Bus Stop – Gerbatama Bus Stop – UI Station Bus Stop – F.Psychology Bus Stop – FISIP Bus Stop – FIB Bus Stop – FEB Bus Stop – F Engineering Bus Stop – Polytechnic Bus Stop – FMIPA Bus Stop – FIK Bus Stop – Pocin Bus Stop – UI Mosque Bus Stop – Up back to dorm

Students can access public transportation by using an e-money card that can be purchased and top-up at the nearest minimarket, with a range of IDR50,000 for the purchase and top-up of the e-money card.

E-money card can be used to pay for a number of public transportation facilities, such as commuter line (fare range of IDR3,000-IDR13,500 per trip), TransJakarta at IDR3,500, and for MRT at IDR3,000-IDR14,000 one-way. UI Depok complex Two commuter line stations, namely pass the:

  • University of Indonesia Station
  • Pondok Cina Station

Students can also use online transportation applications. In addition, there is also the option of ojek pangkalan (motorcycle taxi) service inside the UI Campus for around IDR10,000.