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Tuition Fees

The undergraduate program consists of three programs, those are Regular Program, Non-Regular Program, and International Class (KI). The tuition fee or Single Tuition Fee (UKT) is paid varies according to the type of program that students choose. Details regarding the amount and requirements for class submission can be found on the following page:

Regular Program

The tuition fee (Single Tuition Fee) is paid each semester can be adjusted to the ability of the person paying the tuition fee without paying the Institution Development Fee (IPI). The Single Tuition Fee (UKT) consists of 11 classes which is arranged based on the principle of fairness.

Class Tuition Fee
Minimum Maximum
1 Rp0 IDR 500,000
2 > IDR 500,000 Rp1,000,000
3 > Rp1,000,000 IDR 2,000,000
4 > IDR 2,000,000 Rp3,000,000
5 > Rp3,000,000 Rp4,000,000
6 > Rp4,000,000 IDR5,000,000
7 > IDR5,000,000 IDR7,500,000
8 > IDR7,500,000 IDR10,000,000
9 > IDR10,000,000 IDR 12,500,000
10 > IDR 12,500,000 IDR15,000,000
11 > IDR15,000,000 IDR 17,500,000

Non-regular Program

Tuition fee (Single Tuition Fee) covers the Institution Development Fee (IPI), which is only paid once and the tuition fee paid per semester is fixed.

Citizen Tuition Fee Institution Development Fee (IPI)
CITIZEN Rp12,000,000 Rp14,000,000
FOREIGNERS IDR34,000,000 IDR27,000,000

International Class (KI)

Tuition fees (Single Tuition) covers the Institution Development Fee (IPI), which is paid once and tuition fees paid per semester are fixed.

Citizen Tuition Fee Institution Development Fee (IPI)
CITIZEN Rp31,000,000 IDR 17,000,000
FOREIGNERS IDR 37,000,000 Rp20,000,000

Academic Information System

Assisting students in managing academic tasks, accessing information easily, and communicating with academic staff.


The Integrated Selection Examination (USM) conducted by the University of Indonesia (UI) for prospective students who wish to study at UI.

International Online Application for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions