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What are the Registration Requirements

The Communication Studies Program accepts applications from high school graduates, both from within the country and abroad. There are two paths to enter to become a student of the UI Communication Sciences program:

National Pathway

- Regular

The national pathway is an education program that can be followed by graduates of Senior High School and equivalent with the age of the diploma not exceeding three years. Admission to this program is through SNBP and SNBT.

SNBP is a selection path based on student achievement and report card scores. Schools get a quota based on accreditation and will be ranked in accordance with the provisions of the organizing committee. Students eligible to participate in the selection can register at the specified time.

SNBT is an entrance selection using a computer-based test that includes mathematical reasoning, Indonesian literacy, English literacy, and cognitive potential.

Independent Pathway

- Non-regular and International Special Class

For regular undergraduate programs, three pathways can be taken: the Learning Opportunity Achievement Program (PPKB), SIMAK, and the Achievement Pathway.

PPKB is a pathway organized by UI based on report card scores and achievements. This pathway is limited to schools that have submitted applications that can register. The selection process for the PPKB pathway is carried out using a selection system based on students’ academic achievements at school.

SIMAK is an independent written selection path managed by UI.

The achievement program is a selection that can be followed by students who have achievements/winners of competitions at least third place or bronze medal winners in the fields of science and technology, sports and arts at the national and international levels obtained while in Senior High School (SLTA) or a maximum of the last three years.

Two paths can be taken for the international class program: the talent scouting path and SIMAK International Class.

  1. The talent scouting pathway is a self-selection pathway based on report cards and achievements.
  2. The SIMAK KI pathway is an independently written selection for international class programs.

Prospective students must also have a valid TOEFL or IELTS certificate for both paths. The types of TOEFL recognized by UI are those certified by ETS (PBT/ITP score min. 500 or iBT score min. 61 or CBT score min. 173) or IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5.

Complete information can also be accessed through the page.

Meanwhile, international students can register through the website Information related to criteria and requirements for prospective undergraduate students can be accessed at

Academic Information System

Assisting students in managing academic tasks, accessing information easily, and communicating with academic staff.


The Integrated Selection Examination (USM) conducted by the University of Indonesia (UI) for prospective students who wish to study at UI.

International Online Application for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Admissions