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Communication Week National Seminar: The Importance of Understanding Social Media Ahead of the Political Year

By October 27, 2023No Comments2 min read

Discussion in the National Seminar of Communication Week. From left to right: Moderator Manik Marganamahendra, Margaretta Tiojakin, Noudy Valdryno, and Abigail Limuria. Doc. Committee.

DEPOK – National Seminar University of Indonesia Communication Week 2023 on Friday, May 12 at the University of Indonesia Council Hall entitled “Expectation against Reality: Framing Social Media in the 2024 Political Year.” Presenting speakers from various fields, the seminar held as the culmination of a series of Communication Week events discussed topics about the media user community, especially social media, the implications of activities on social media, and how its dynamics are approaching. general election (pemilu) 2024.

Abigail Limuria, Co-Founder
What Is Up Indonesia
(WIUI) and Co-Initiator of
Wise Choices
gave an explanation of how people who use social media have been involved in patterns and echo chambers.

echo chamber

. Echo chamber is a term for a situation where a person will only get information that is similar to what they believe. This happens on social media with algorithms. It’s gives an overview when performing actions in the media, “We
, we
we share on IG (Instagram) Story, we
and eventually, the algorithm goes up.”

Meanwhile, Head of Public Policy
Indonesia, Noudy Valdryno – another speaker – also gave his views. According to him, the information obtained by the public as social media users has the potential to influence people’s views on an issue. In the context of the political year, he warned, “Be careful, if you already like one person, you will have a tendency to want to ‘eat’ news about that person constantly.”

Also present at the discussion was Margaretta Tiojakin, Chief Operating Officer of
The Jakarta Post
. Margaretta added an opinion about media consumption, that what is on social media cannot be fully accepted, but must be verified first. For this reason, Margaretta conveyed three things that can be done by the public in using social media wisely, by applying the principles of journalism.

The three-hour discussion overall provided expert views on the potential impact of media use by individuals and communities. What is more important is how this impact is utilized in the run-up to the 2024 political year.

To emphasize the core message of the discussion, Margaretta said, “
Digital literacy
media literacy.
blindly accepting
what the media gives.”