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Registration of Beasiswa Unggulan (Excellence Scholarship)

By July 29, 2023October 27th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Beasiswa Unggulan (Excellence Scholarship) is a scholarship program intended for Indonesian citizen who wants to study in the level of Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral education at the universities under guidance of the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Requirements of Excellence Scholarship:

General Requirements

  1. Preferably possessing certificate proving academic/non-academic achievements at international and/or national levels;
  2. Getting recommendations from related institutions;
  3. Not currently receiving similar scholarships from other sources;
  4. Have never taken education at the same level;
  5. Accepted at domestic higher education that have been accredited at least B (Excellent) and at study programs accredited at least B (Excellent) or at universities abroad recognized by Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology;
  6. Not having status as lecturer, vocational teacher, education personnel, and cultural practitioner;
  7. The scholarship is only for regular classes and not for the following classes:
    Executive Class;
    Special Class;
    Employee Class;
    Remote Class;
    International class for domestic study destination applicant; and
    The class is organized in more than 1 (one) university country.
  8. Committed to maintaining a Semester Achievement Index (IPS) at least 3.00 in Undergraduate (S1) program, or a minimum IPS at 3.25 in Master’s Degree (S2), and Doctoral (S3) program while being as recipient of the Excellence Scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarship Special Requirements (S1)

  1. Secondary education graduates who is graduated in the current year or a maximum of 2 (two) years earlier;
  2. Possessing acceptance letter/graduation certificate/ Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (LoA) from the university for a new student;
  3. Possessing minimum active college certificate from the dean of the college faculty;
  4. For ongoing undergraduate program student (S1), who has started the maximum lecture in semester 3 or has proof of KHS maximum semester 2 and possessing Grade Point Average (GPA) at least 3.25 (three point two five) on a scale of 4 (four);
  5. Possessing ability in Indonesian language skills, as evidenced by a certificate issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Language Development Agency for domestic and foreign universities;
  6. Possessing ability in English language skills as evidenced by a certificate for overseas universities with a minimum score of; ITP/PBT: 500, PTE Academic: 34, IBT: 52, IELTS: 5.0;
  7. Preparing a written work in the form of essay/writing using Indonesian, with the provisions:
    1. Title/theme: “My contribution to Indonesia after completing my studies”
    2. Written in an essay column at least 1,000 words and at the most 1,500 words;
    3. The essay covers; self-description, description of the role to be performed, and description of how to realize the role.

Registration Schedule

No. Activities Implementation Schedule
1 Registration of Beasiswa Unggulan 31 July to 14 August
2 Phase 1 Selection 15 to 20 August
3 Announcement of Phase 1 Selection Result 22 August
4 Phase 2 Selection 4 to 12 September
5 Announcement of Phase 2 Selection Result 18 September
6 Briefing and Technical Explanation on Signing Contract 21 to 30 September

For application procedures and more information, visit: or