The Undergraduate Program in Communication conducts learning at the Undergraduate/Bachelor level in several programs, namely

Regular Undergraduate Program

Parallel Undergraduate Program

International Special Undergraduate Program

Graduation options

  1. Undergraduate thesis (6 SKS)
  2. Non-thesis
    Final Assignment (3 SKS)
    Completion of 146 SKS* of courses, by submitting an article to UIANA to obtain the certificate of graduation.
*A new regulation on this option is being drafted, as according to the Directorate of Academic Development, a specific course with a certain SKS value is required for graduation.

There are no differences in the degree awarded (Bachelor of Social Sciences) to the graduate of the Undergraduate Program in Communication, regardless of whether they take the thesis, final assignment or 146 SKS graduation options.

Graduation Pathways

Students of Undergraduate Program in Communication have three options of graduation pathways, namely:

  1. Undergraduate thesis
  2. Final assignment
  3. Non-thesis/non-final assignment (Journal article with fulfillment of 146 SKS)

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above are expected to graduate through writing an undergraduate thesis. However, students with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 can also write an undergraduate thesis, with the following considerations:

  1. Performance, measured through course grades
  2. Results of the outline examination

Students who have chosen to take the non-thesis/non final assignment graduation pathway are declared to have graduated after passing 146 SKS. They are still expected to write a journal article to be uploaded to UIANA.

The program will help direct the supervision process, especially in selecting the supervising lecturer, for all students from all graduation pathways, either undergraduate thesis, final assignment or journal article. A student can suggest a potential supervising lecturer, however the program will make considerations before announcing the supervising lecturer.

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Pedoman penulisan TKA
Pedoman penulisan jalur kelulusan 146